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Wave Spring Washer

Wave spring washer


Wave Spring WasherThe wave springs are one type of the compression springs. It is also called the spring washer. We are among the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the best quality wave spring suppliers of India. We fabricate the product as per DIN 137 and 6904. They are metal discs having irregular shape. On applying the load, it works like a spring. We manufacture, supply and export the Belleville washers, curved washers, finger washers and wave washers of best quality. Our wave spring washers are highly demanded and preferred as the best load bearing washers. Wave spring washer provide enormous load bearing capacity. The washers are specially designed to compensate the spring force. The washers are made to take up the shock. It deflects the load and acts like a spring. For the better result, the spring washers contain three, four or six waves a piece. It can be customizes as per specification.


Wave spring washers are best fitted with the limited radial space and moderate thrust load, e.g. axial loading of ball bearing. They are also preferred as cushion spacers between parts on shafts. They are used to take up the probable deviation in assembled parts. The wave spring washers arranged underneath a nut, joint or an axel to reduce friction. Our spring washers are extensively used to avoid leakage, isolate, stop loosening or distribute pressure. It stores and releases the angular energy.


The spring rate is proportional to the number of waves increased to the force.


  • Assembly tension is maintained
  • After assembly, the expansion and contraction in materials are compensates
  • Absorb shock load


  • Mechanical seal
  • Ball Bearing
  • Mechanical Clutch





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