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Torsion Springs

Torsion Springs


Torsion springs are helical springs, which exert torque. The torsion springs are designed to be twisted rather than the compressed or extended. The torsion spring contains the resistance against the rotationally applied force. They store and release the angular energy. So it is specially designed to oppose the torque.


Optimum quality of the spring wires are used to fabricate the torsion springs. Due to the modern work shop, containing all required facilities and machineries to manufacture the high quality, standard and customized springs, we are able to make our self as the one of the top most manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the premium quality of the torsion springs. We provide reliable torsion springs at very economic price. We have the all required machineries to We follow the international norms and conditions to fabricate long lasting springs. Our springs contain long service life.

  • Spring Steel 0.10 to 60 mm wire diameter
  • Square wire up to 20 mm wire diameter
  • Stainless steel - 0.10 to 60 mm wire diameter


The end of the torsion springs are attached to the object. The object rotates around the center of the springs, the spring push the object back and tries to gain the original position. Generally it is the close wound spring. It offers resistance to twist rotationally applied force. The direction of the wind is depends on the application, either it is clockwise or counter clockwise rotation. The end of the torsion springs are available with twisted, bent, hooked or looped to suit the product.      


  • store rotational energy
  • minimum friction
  • minimum noise
  • many varieties of spring material
  • various finishes



  • clothes pins, swing-down gates, garage doors
  • hinges, counterbalances and lever
  • small and large electronic devices

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