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Torsion Springs

Disc Springs


disc springsWith the help of experienced and dedicated team, we have climbed the success ladder and became the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the various kinds of high quality disc springs. We fabricate disc springs from the high grade stainless steel. Stain less steel and other high grade materials are used to manufacture various types of high quality springs.  


Disc springs are conical designed, angular disc springs. The disc springs are considered as the appropriate suitable answer to many engineering problems. The disc springs often called as washers, bear the high load capacity with good space utilization. The variable spring properties can be achieved by arranging them in to stalked columns.


  • Spring Steel 0.20 to 20 mm thickness
  • Material customized as per client’s requirement
  • As per Din 2093 standard



Most Belleville washers and disc springs are fabricated from the DIN 2093 and DIN 6796 and from the material 17/7 PH, 304 and 50crv. The Belleville washer is named after julian Belleville, which are conical in shape and used as a energy storage system in internal combustion engine, nuclear power, oil and gas exploration, turbine and jet system.


Design of the disc springs is suitable and practicable to the high load than coil springs. The same stress is applied to both the system, than the result is varied.

While stalking disc springs, rule of thumb is applied. Stalks are kept with possible shorter length. Friction may make stack uneven. The guide washer is longer, which stabilize the stalk. The thickness of guide washers should have one and a half times than the guide diameter. Advantages.


  • Size of the individual spring is combining, so it makes minimum stock keeping.
  • Good shock absorption and energy dissipating
  • Adaptable to stacking in numerous configurations.
  • High energy storage capacity.
  • Low cost for maintenance.
  • No deformation.
  • Space saving.


  • Automotive industries
  • Machines and tools
  • Cableways and automatic transmission
  • Clutch, shock absorbers and valves
  • Construction

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