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Barrel Springs

Barrel Springs


Barrel springsWe are not only renowned as the good quality product supplier, but also famous as the manufacturer and exporter of the best quality barrel springs made from standard material grade. We have designed and developed the international quality standard barrel springs with cutting edge technology. We fabricate the barrel springs with optimum quality of iron and aluminum. The coordination of the latest technology and latest market trend lead the best quality barrel springs. 


It is very difficult to manufacture the barrel springs due to its varied shapes. We have expert professionals to handle the fabrication with appropriate way to provide the accurate barrel springs at economic price.


A barrel spring is a one kind of the compression spring applied to produce the liner force. The center outer diameter is bigger than the top and bottom outer diameters. It is popular for m of compression spring due to the ideal suitable shape and configurations to be fit in most designs. We fabricate the wide array of barrel springs. It is available in different diameters, shapes and sizes. We also provide the barrel springs with suitable and required finishes.


Due to its shape it bears the pressure and provides the stability to the relative component. It produces force in a linear direction.


  • automotive industry¬†
  • Drinking bottles
  • Furniture industry
  • Toy industry



  • The material thickness is 0.20mm to 5mm
  • The material grade En 421, 50 CrV4, En 45, en 47, SS 304, 304L, 316, 202
  • The material as per clients requirement
  • Customized solutions



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